Minimalist book cover art for Haruki Murakami’s latest novel, 1Q84. For those who’ve read the book (it’s pretty good, though it pales in comparison to his other titles) the design concept should be pretty straightforward, but for those who hasn’t:

Set in the year 1984, this novel follows the female lead Aomame as she unwittingly enters an alternate universe – one she dubs 1Q84 to retain her sanity in all the chaos (for ‘9’ sounds like ‘Q’ in Japanese). And in that alternate world, everything’s the same as usual, except for a tell-tale sign: instead of a single moon, this world has two moons, the usual yellow one, and a ‘daughter’ moss-green one. At once a great tale of love and fate, this novel is at times as tricky and as disquieting as the pair of sinister moons that hang in the sky of 1Q84.


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