Best Entry Feature – “Redesign the Web” Poster Design Contest by Smashing Magazine

I recently submitted two designs to the “Redesign the Web” poster design contest hosted by Smashing Magazine, and I’m super excited that one of them was featured as one of the 35 best entries! I didn’t win anything though, since my design was not in the top 5, but I’m really happy to be amongst the 35 designs out of a total of more than 150 entries!

The idea was to design a poster to encourage people to get actively involved in redesigning the web to make it more usable.

The first one (on the left) is titled Join the Revolution. This poster design is inspired by Maoist ‘Red Revolution’ propaganda posters, hence the very texture-rich and grungy, old-world feel. It’s designed to feel distinctly oriental and reek of imperialism—meant to instill a sense of higher purpose and exhilaration in the Web revolution. At the center of the poster, there’s this giant symbol that represents the revolution to redesign the Web and the world—kind of like how the star represents communism. The triangle stands for delta, the mathematical symbol of change, while the globe represents the Web (and the world). Together they form a symbol of change and hope for a better Web—and thus, a better world. (You can download this design for printing – A3 here and A4 here)

My second design, titled The World’s in the Web, is decidedly different from the first – actually, it’s worlds apart. In this second design I’ve used a more minimalist, subdued and elegant theme to capture a different aspect of the web revolution – that, really, the world is in the web, and when we redesign one, we change the other too.

All of the poster is grey scale – except the earth at the heart of the browser. This not only emphasizes and brings the eye to the earth, it sends a message as well: the browser is only as vibrant as the world – and conversely the world is only as vibrant as the browser. The web browser serves to display our world – via information, entertainment, etc. The browser, of course, runs on a computer. Now a sort of cycle is slowly and visibly forming, and though not depicted, we know that outside the computer is, obviously, the world. But what, then, defines the world? Is it the web, which translates the millions of atoms and electrical charges of our world into understandable, digestible information? Is it us? Well, of course it’s a bit of this and that. But what the viewer leaves with (hopefully) is the idea that, since the web and the world are becoming more connected and interrelated, when we redesign the web, we really can redesign the world.

The first design, Join the Revolution, was selected by Smashing Magazine as one of the 35 featured entries – but actually I liked my second entry better. I guess clean, grey-scale minimalist designs are just my thing.


I wanna hear your comments!

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