Desktop Wallpaper Calendar (September) – Smashing Magazine Feature

*Edit: My submission was featured in Smashing Magazine’s September Desktop Wallpapers!

Last week I submitted a desktop wallpaper I’ve done for Smashing Magazine’s monthly desktop wallpapers. Each month, Smashing Magazine features a bunch of wallpaper design submissions for all to download and use.

Here’s my submission:

This is a non-calendar version of my design, named Nine. Inspired by how design bridges languages, this wallpaper introduces a Chinese idiom containing the word ‘9’ – that’s the one in red – with 9 corresponding to September, the ninth month of the year. The idiom, literally translated, means to fly above the nine skies (I do wonder why there are nine skies) to grab the moon, and is used to describe one’s strong, unending desire for progress. I’ve adopted a minimalistic approach to designing this wallpaper, using only two colour tones (red and grey) and rendered the words with a letterpress-like emboss.

What’s special here, though, is how the Chinese words were formed; they aren’t formed by any Chinese font, but rather using glyphs from the Didot font. I’ve broken up the glyphs of different alphabets, and stitched and bridged them together to form these Chinese words – a bridge, in a most design and literal manner, of languages.

But of course, another reason I resorted to building my own Chinese words is the frustrating lack of pretty typefaces for Chinese words.


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