Dreams vs Reality

Dare you live your dreams?


2 thoughts on “Dreams vs Reality

  1. Hehehehe!!! So, what’s happening in the pix -damning all consequences, your dreams wanted to cut out the heavy money, but the money wd rather see the dreams die than itself being neglected/spited; or the money doesn’t wanna leave with your dreams, but your dreams would rather go free than being destroyed by the money?
    Who made the first move?
    Very funny and catchy pix!!!

    • We’ve always wanted to pursue our dreams, watch them soar in the boundless skies. But the harsh reality has always grounded us, pulling us in the opposite direction from our dreams – much like gravity. So the question is: dare we live our dreams, to fly in full pursuit of our higher callings in the face of financial uncertainty and societal forces pushing against us?

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