Desktop Wallpaper Calendar (October) – Smashing Magazine Submission

As a follow up to my previous wallpaper design that was featured in Smashing Magazine’s September Desktop Wallpapers, I’ve recently submitted my second design, for the month of October.

Titled Ten, October’s design closely follows September’s design philosophy, albeit with a refreshed, decidedly darker colour theme. In TenI introduce a Chinese idiom with the word ‘ten’, representing October, the tenth month of the year.

十面埋伏 (Shi Mian Mai Fu) literally means to be ambushed on ten sides, an expression to describe a precarious situation. Of note, 十面埋伏 is also the name of a really, really well-known pipa (that’s a Chinese musical instrument) piece, which depicted an epic battle between the Han and Chu armies, which secured the power of the Han dynasty.

Just like my previous design, all the Chinese words were created using glyphs from the Theano Didot font – a graphical bridge of language via design.


I wanna hear your comments!

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