Visual Poetry: Puzzles




RaindropsVisual poetry, titled Puzzles, done on Photoshop, written and designed by me.

Puzzles consists of four titled parts, and in each part explores, besides their respective titles, four facets of life that plague us, and that perhaps make life all the more precious: memories, reality, death and loneliness.

The use of colours and subtle text visual treatments (and a rather liberal use of blur) hopefully serves as a visual complement to the words.

Broken fragments, blurred faces
Piece by piece
Finding their forgotten places

Bound but divided
Like words to a sentence
Are they one
Or but connected by existence?

Each telling a separate tale
Pair by pair
Collaborating, creating what’s real

Wide they open
Watching, negotiating
Can you hear
What they are saying?

White, green, yellow, brown
One by one
They flutter, wave, fall down

Like a desert of dancing sand
Is wind their enemy
Is gravity their friend?

Pitter patter, pitter patter
Drop by drop
They fall, they meet, they shatter

Beautiful and blue
Like a pearl in a clam
If they weep for us
Who, then, weeps for them?

Photo credits:
19SaRah92 for her beautiful photo “Talking eyes”, used in Eyes


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