Building Singapore: Old Supreme Court

*Update: my design (and my twin brother’s) is featured in Smashing Magazine’s October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar showcase! Yay! =D

I’ve always thought of buildings as oddly romantic creatures. In some sense, buildings in Singapore are silent spectators of decades, or even centuries, of the lives of Singaporeans who pass by and inhabit them. Just as we grow to love and become connected to the buildings around us, so too, I’d like to imagine, do buildings grow with us. In a way, buildings provide the setting without which many scenes in our lives would not have happened. If we look at buildings in such a way, we could say that buildings build us.

So when I recently came across a pretty awesome project on Behance on historical landmarks in Saigon, the first thought that came to my mind was that Singapore buildings, too, deserve to be beautifully showcased. Hence, I immediately embarked on a project to illustrate various buildings in Singapore, and it turned out to become one of the most detailed works I’ve ever done (not that it says a lot).

This project is called Building Singapore, and my first design is based on the Old Supreme Court Building.

The Old Supreme Court Building has served as the courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore from 1939, when it was declared open, to 2005, when the Supreme Court of Singapore moved to its new building. It’s currently in the process of being converted into the National Art Gallery of Singapore, slated to be open in 2015.

There was a weird sense of satisfaction, when creating the minute details that I knew wouldn’t be seen or appreciated by others who saw the final poster. Here’s some close-up to show the details of the design.

The Old Supreme Court Building is the last structure in Singapore to be built in the style of classical architecture, and actually has 2 domes, a magnificent main one and a smaller one behind it.

Detail - Dome Tip

Detail - Name

It was immensely fun using vectors and transparency, rather than shadings, to provide depth and create an intricate building.

Like my other poster designs, I couldn’t resist not making a desktop wallpaper version too.

The desktop wallpapers can be downloaded here:
2880 x 1800, 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 900, 1280 x 800, 1280 x 720

You can see the other amazing desktop wallpaper calendar designs featured on Smashing Magazine here!


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