TEN/12: Minimalist calendar for Oct (Anita Mui)

Twelfths: Minimalist Calendar Posters & Wallpapers

/12 (Twelfths) is my own series of minimalist calendar posters and wallpapers, with each month’s design based on a celebrity whose birthday falls on that month. Although I usually post a design before the start of each month, I’m exceptionally late this month (it’s already week 3 of October!), in part due to my heavy school work and in part due to my commitment to drawing my very personal comic strip.

For the month of October, I’ve chosen to illustrate Anita Mui!


Anita Mui is a famous Hong Kong singer who, sadly, died of a young age (40) from cervical cancer at the height of her career. In a bold move to bid her fans farewell, Anita Mui held a series of concerts (which eventually became her last) in Hong Kong the year she announced she had cancer. She died later that same year.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of her farewell concert was when she donned a wedding gown for her song, “夕阳之歌” or “Song of Sunset”, symbolically marrying her stage.

I kept this month’s illustration simple and relatively minimalist, to draw attention to her melancholic eyes and to keep the visual as somber as possible.

As with previous months, I’ve created desktop wallpaper equivalents of the poster.

TEN/12: Anita Mui - Desktop Wallpaper

Download the desktop wallpapers here:

With calendar: 1280 x 7201280 x 8001440 x 9001920 x 10802880 x 1800
Without calendar: 1280 x 7201280 x 8001440 x 9001920 x 10802880 x 1800

See the other designs in this series here!


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