Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

A while ago, I did a short comic in response to a project organised by my friends called “Regardless of Race, Language or Religion“. Organised by 4 students from NTU’s School of Communication and Information, the project aims to create a documentary on what it means to be a Singaporean. To do that, they called for submissions of responses to a particular phrase in our Singapore pledge: regardless of race, language or religion.

The submissions could be anything ā€“ from illustrations to poems to videos ā€“ so I decided to do a comic, something I find myself increasingly liking.

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion (short version)

This comic was heavily inspired by PinkDot’s mascot and the organisation’s graphical depiction of ignorance as one of the main causes of homophobia. To me, all discrimination of race, language and religion stems from ignorance, and once we get to really understand the apparent differences between races, languages and religions, we’ll finally know that there’s really no differences.

I’ve created another, full version of the comic, which includes homophobia on top of racial, linguistic and religious discrimination. But after some thought, I realised that homophobia might be a little out of scope of the project, and thus shortened the comic to the one above. Here’s the full version:

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion (full version)


I wanna hear your comments!

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