Sketch: Emma Watson

Emma Watson SketchA few days ago I completed my sketch of Emma Watson, which took me considerably longer than I had expected. I started working on it sometime after I finished my sketch of Troye Sivan, but I stopped for awhile after sketching her eyes because the holidays came and, well, I didn’t really do much in the first week of my holidays.

I screwed up at her mouth (the shape and angle was really hard to capture!) and her face is sketched a little too long, but I guess I’m learning as I draw! I learnt, for instance, that because I sketch sitting down, with the paper flat on the table, my sketches always result in being too long and slightly skewed – because my perspective of the paper was skewed from where I was looking.

This sketch was drawn with pencil (F, 3B and 6B, though mostly 6B) on A4 paper.


I wanna hear your comments!

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