Logo design: Wilson’s Photography

Logo designs

Wilson’s Photography is a small photography outfit specialising in people photography. Earlier on, I was approached to create a clean and minimalist logo design for it, and I’ve created 5 designs (some with a few variants).

Although the brief was eventually cancelled, I figured that, since these designs aren’t ever gonna be used, I should share them here so they won’t be totally wasted.

Design 1
The first design is a modern and clean one, with sans serif fonts and a minimalist, simple camera lens replacing the letter ‘O’ in the logo. In the first variant of this design, the lens is made with lines.

Design 1 var 1Design 1 var 1 mockup - blackDesign 1 var 1 mockup - white

The second variant has the camera lens created with fills rather than lines:

Design 1 var 2Design 1 var 2 mockup - blackDesign 1 var 2 mockup - white

Design 2
Design 2 is a rather simple but perhaps more corporate looking one, with abstract oblique strokes forming a ‘W’ glyph. In variant 1, the ‘W’ glyph is encircled.

Design 2 var 1Design 2 var 1 mockup - blackDesign 2 var 1 mockup - white

Variant 2, on the other hand, has the ‘W’ surrounded by a square bracket that is reminiscent of a camera’s viewfinder.

Design 2 var 2Design 2 var 2 mockup - blackDesign 2 var 2 mockup - white

Design 3
The third design is decidedly more hipster, with a cursive handwritten typeface that makes the logo look a little more personal.

Design 3 var 1Design 3 var 1 mockup - blackDesign 3 var 1 mockup - white

Design 4
In design 4, I used a combination of tall sans serif and thin serif fonts at the bottom, along with a minimalist camera icon, to create an artisanal feel. The first variant has a fully-filled camera icon, with a thin horizontal line running through it.

Design 4 var 1Design 4 var 1 mockup - blackDesign 4 var 1 mockup - white

Variant 2 of this design has a half-filled camera icon, which I feel makes it look more interesting than the first variant.

Design 4 var 2Design 4 var 2 mockup - blackDesign 4 var 2 mockup - white

Design 5
The final design is my favourite among all the designs. In this typographic logo design, I used hard shading to create an interesting illusion of depth and layer in the ‘W’ glyph.

Design 5Design 5 mockup - blackDesign 5 mockup - white


2 thoughts on “Logo design: Wilson’s Photography

  1. Great Work! I was wondering what font you used for the script portion of design 3. Is it custom or is it based on an existing font. I’ve been looking for something like that for my own logo.


    • Thanks! Unfortunately, the script font was partially modified by me. It was based on the font Amplify, if that helps!

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