Types of People

What type of person are you? That question can actually be interpreted in two different ways. Types of People is a series of typographic posters designed by me that anthropomorphises typefaces and re-imagines them as, well, different types of people.

So the next time someone asks you just what type of person you are, you can say that you’re totally a Gotham. Or a Helvetica. Just don’t ever be a Comic Sans.

Type #1: Helvetica

Helvetica posterHelvetica close1Helvetica close2

Type #2: Helvetica Neue Ultralight

Helvetica Neue Ultralight posterHelvetica Neue close1Helvetica Neue close2

Type #3: Times New Roman 

Times New Roman close3

Times New Roman: close up

Type #4: Comic Sans (gulps)

comic sans close1comic sans close2

Designer’s note: I actually spent quite a great deal of time trying to make the Comic Sans poster not look ugly, and eventually decided that it’s best to keep the ‘C’ letter only partially visible. Kinda like how selfies only highlight the best sides of our faces, no?

Type #5: Tahoma

Tahoma posterTahoma close1Tahoma close2

Type #6: Verdana

Verdana posterVerdana close1Verdana close2

Type #7: Gotham

Gotham posterGotham close upGotham close upType #8: Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro posterMyriad Pro close1Myriad Pro close2

Type #9: DIN

DIN posterDIN close2DIN close1So what type of person do you think you are?




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