Atomic Existence

Atomic Existence

The thing is, we’re all made of nothing more than atoms quivering with uncertainty. Atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen that constantly tremble, that fleetingly leap into states of excitement only to plummet as quickly, and that, in the process, propagate the colours we see, the voices we hear, the scents we taste, the heat we crave.

Is it any wonder that we carry with us such unfillable emptiness, when the very atoms that make us contain mostly empty space, a nothingness characterized by whirling, probabilistic negativity? As time gently kills us, as we plummet towards the inevitability of entropy, maybe all we have left to fill the emptiness within are memories.

Memories of the colours of our faces, the tones of our voices, the lightness of our scents, the warmth of our bodies. Figments of imagination we invoke and recreate to hold together the shreds of sanity slowly slipping away from our quivering hands.

Mere shadows of the states of excitement we once leapt into.
A really short prose I’ve written in the lowest phase of my existential crisis.

One thought on “Atomic Existence

  1. Reblogged this on Things I wish I knew before I came to Korea and commented:
    I’ve heard about rebellion, a search for identity, dreams, passion. But when I’ve actually reached the end of my teenage years, I realise we all go through an existential crisis that none of the adults talked about. I’m just glad we can all laugh about it now, as our juniors go through the same, while appreciating the work that comes out of their … “phase”.

    I did naively think it was exclusive to us, the people who were studying a period of theatre that was birthed on existential thoughts. But I feel less alone, knowing that despite a change of syllabus my juniors still go through the same, and a few years later I see an old piece of prose so similar to one that I’d written before; albeit with a more elegant style and illustration.

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