Geeky Valentine’s Cards

It’s February! This means that the delightful (or dreadful) Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. This also means that social media is abuzz with lots of gift ideas for your (one-sided or otherwise) loved ones. But lots of the stuff I see are a little unsatisfying.

So, obviously, I designed a series of Geeky Valentine’s Cards. These are minimalist cards that might take a little bit more to understand, but they’re also cards that make your heart skip a beat if you know what it means. If you’re a geek, anyway.

#1 Let’s Time Travel Together

Time Travel

We’re all time travellers – we just don’t consciously take note of this fact. As you’re reading this, you’re travelling ahead in time at a rate of 1s per second. So “Let’s time travel together” really means “Let’s hang out”, or in the context of V-Day, “Would you be my valentine?”

Because when you’re with the right person, just being with that person can feel like the most amazing time travelling experience ever.

#2 You’re My Serotonin


Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that contributes to our feelings of happiness. And what better way to say “You make me happy” than with the beauty of an organic chemistry structure?

#3 You’re the Credit to my Debit

Debit Credit

Because one can never exist without the other.

Ok, so maybe only accounting professionals and students will get this. In every accounting journal entry, there must always be a debit and a credit item – that’s how we make things ‘balance’ up in reports. See, accounting can be romantic, too.

#4 (x² + y² – 1)³ – x²y³ = 0

Heart Showcase

A series of geeky Valentine’s Day cards can never be complete without a mathematics one, so here’s one with the mathematic equation of (you’ve guessed it) a heart shape.

Nothing says “I love you” quite like maths, right?


I wanna hear your comments!

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