More Geeky Valentine’s Cards

Here’s a short post, with 2 more Geeky Valentine’s Cards!

Contact Showcase

#5 Tonight, let’s make real contact.

We can never be in contact with another person – the sense of ‘touch’ we feel is merely the electronic repulsion we feel when the atoms on our skin approach those on another person’s skin. So technically, we can never make real physical contact.

We can, however, make real chemical contact – and the only time we do so is during copulation, when the sperm meets and makes contact with the egg of a female. Interestingly, every time we touch, a new life is created.

Photon Showcase

#6 When we’re together, we’re like photons of light.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity breaks down when we consider something moving at the speed limit – for instance, photons of light. At such speeds, time simply.. disappears.

And when you’re with the perfect person, time, in the same sense, disappears.


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