I’m Gay, And That’s Okay

Slightly more than a year ago, my twin brother and I came out to each other, then to our mom, and then to our closest friends. Today, I turn 22, and I’m ready to come out. I am gay: I’ve always been, always known that I am, but until recently, always been hiding from it.

And that’s okay. It’s okay because I know I have a mother who loves me unconditionally. It’s okay because my brother’s shown me some bravery that’s quite hard to imagine. It’s okay because of my awesomest friends who’ve got my back no matter what happens. And it’s okay, simply because it’s okay.

So here goes: my coming out, in comic form.

(See my original post on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.535937546498336.1073741830.100002462870902&type=1&l=fe11bc1902)

I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 2I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 3I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 4I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 5I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 6I'm Gay, and That's Okay - 7

I’m really glad that my friends have been the awesomest, most accepting people I’ve ever met =’), and the response on Facebook has been very encouraging! This year’s birthday is definitely one of my most fulfilling ones.

To any of you who’s closeted and reading this post, don’t feel the pressure to come out, but certainly do take steps towards coming out! It does get better =).


2 thoughts on “I’m Gay, And That’s Okay

  1. Can I say that both you and your twin brother are incredibly, *tremendously* brave and inspiring in undertaking this revelatory (i.e., “coming-out”) exercise. A little about myself: you’ll be surprised to know that you and I attend the same programme on campus – not sure whether you two stay on campus any longer though. We’ve never spoken or interacted in any manner before, though we’ve been in the same elevator ride – anyway, the point is (no, that wasn’t a pick-up attempt >_<) in life you encounter certain random people whose lives are seemingly of zero connection/link to yours; but in one way or another, through some simple deeds you have done, you have touched them immensely. So I thank you very much for this comic, as much as I know this strip is hardly dedicated to me. I wish you and your twin all the best in your future endeavours. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks! When I drew the comic I was hoping that it might inspire some closeted individuals or just give some mental support =), so I’m glad it did manage to do that! I guess in a somewhat similar way that you were affected by my comic (and coming out), I was, too, deeply touched and inspired by others who have came out or talked about coming out =).

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